06 Oct Ductus Botalli

In the darkness of a room at maternity hospital "Narodni front" in Belgrade lies one of the smallest fighters in the world. He’s as quiet as possible. No need for bothering his comrades, that he sees through the glass of a tank in which he’s...

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20 Jul Nerdy July

It is not my intention to justify why I wasn’t so active on the blog in early July. Some of my reasons for this are quite nerdy and only because of that I decided to share them here, with you. :)...

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Thinking outside the box

25 Jun Go back to the box

Phil Hansen and myself have never met each other. This limiting truth didn’t stop him to change my life. Yes, this is a man who is largely responsible for the fact that you are now reading these lines. In his brilliant TED talk, Phil...

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01 Jun When did you invent your excuse?

“Pass the salad.” “Look at those sweet little shoes!” “How's going at that new job of yours?” “Can I get one more beer?” A cacophony of a family lunch, completed with clinking of glasses and silverware noise. Leon gives a glance to all moving lips...

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