Nerdy haircut and wrong choices

Nerdy haircut and wrong choices

Published 09/12/2016

I was at the hairdresser’s today.

This is my “I’m starting the fifth grade” hairstyle.

As a baby, I had big, brown curls. There is simply no chance to make them now. I was trying for a while, alone, with a hairdresser – no way…

Like they’re doing it on purpose, most of my female friends have them. It seems that it is perplexed enough in my head even without them.

Then I cut it to nice hairstyle for school. No waves, highlights, balayage, ombre. To be completely honest, often there is not even a fan. Let it be the way it is. It goes well along with my nerdy character.

Recently I was asked by one boy how come I have nails so long.

Did I glued them on? I didn’t.

But isn’t it, like, that I have to glue them? Nope, it isn’t.

Why other girls have to glue them on, then? They don’t have to, either.

It confused him a bit. I didn’t know how to explain it to him.

High school that I went to is known in Belgrade as elite one, and those glued nails were obligatory. It was one of the lamest decisions I have made in my life.  Things that were considered as elite there, had nothing in common with my value system.

I remember that even back then, eight years ago, some girls from my class found the fact that I don’t know what the bronzer is – very funny.

I didn’t think it was funny, at all, when one of them came to ask me what the word “possibly” means – in the third grade of that “elite” high school. I mentioned that at reading class and she didn’t understand it completely out of context, so she wanted to check it with me.

Good that she came to ask. When it comes to me… Well, I still don’t know why would I need a bronzer.

My mother doesn’t have it. I like to watch mom putting her makeup before work. She takes one white mirror for ladies, gets the perfect angle and does the ritual dedicatedly, without fails. I love to dig in her vanity case and steal what I like.

I don’t have my ritual. I don’t wear makeup every day for work, I don’t even put it every time I go out. Required makeup in my bag consists of a lip balm.

I do that when I’m in the mood for it, regardless of the circumstances. The only thing important to me is that during that time, loud music goes in the background. When I hear the song enough times, I’m out. This is the end of beautifying.

Buying makeup is boring me. Buying clothes is boring me. Buying shoes and handbags is boring me most of all things. In my book, there is no concept of window shopping – I go to the mall only when I know that I need something.

I’m not writing these lines to conclude that my way is the best one. Every girl knows best, I’m sure 😀

I just want to say to all the girls and women I meet in this white city of mine that you are as beautiful as dolls.

You’re beautiful when you get all dressed up, and when you are too lazy to do it.

You are beautiful when you’re simply standing at the bus station and thoughtfully watching somewhere. Listing all your to do’s for today – I can read your thoughts.

You’re beautiful when you nudge my shoulder in a rush, headed to the place where people are waiting because you’re 15 academic minutes late. Blessed are all those people that are waiting for you!

I believe you’re the most beautiful when you’re talking on the phone with someone who makes you laugh.

A good part of last year I spent strolling across Europe. I assure you – not one gala reception, nor club were flashed with a smile that can be found in each bus 95 on its way to the heart of Belgrade.

You are not obliged to do anything. You don’t have to contour your face, crush your feet in these 6 inch high heels or follow this stupid high school elite girls, elite journals and, generally speaking, any fictional elite.

Not even the things you consider as beautiful and necessary – are obligatory. They’re not.

I can’t make curles.

Who cares?

Get me the nerdy haircut.

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