Nerdy July

Nerdy July

Published 07/20/2016

It is not my intention to justify why I wasn’t so active on the blog in early July. Some of my reasons for this are quite nerdy and only because of that I decided to share them here, with you. 🙂

I became part of two wonderful stories, which I believe will bring me inspiration for many texts in near future and lead me right where I want to be.

To start with, last year I got a phone call from a friend and former colleague, who invited me to participate in organization of TEDx Zemun conference. Unfortunately, I couldn’t join them because the plan was to move to Germany few weeks after that call and start working there.

How can I explain why, from that moment on, one part of me was just waiting for next TEDx chance? Let me put it as simple as possible. You know that moment when you dig on the Internet to find the answers?

If I need an answer, I type the question on Google.

If I need an answer to important and personal question, I type the question on the TED website or I try to find the best TEDx speech on the subject.


Because people tell stories there. They tell true stories about their lives, studies, adventures and songs. Somehow that’s what always helps me more than just mere instructions. In addition to indicating what I should do, they make my eyes shine and accelerate my heartbeat.

That’s why I’m “addicted” to TED and TEDx. Some of the speeches I’ve watched at least thousand times. They provide me with needed enthusiasm, good examples and new perspective on a challenge that is in front of me.

Without TED, I wouldn’t know who are Brene Brown, Tony Robbins or Phil Hansen (who deserved special article on my blog).

I’m immensely glad because this year I have the opportunity to see how it works from the “inside”. Slowly, I’m learning the rules of this game (because TEDx is not like any other conference). For example, I realized what one speaker must go through to be able to participate in TEDx and all that goes with it.

Two years ago I was in the audience of that same TEDx in Madlenianum theatre, when the main topic was the comparison of formal and informal education.

This experience was one of the important little bricks that built my great love towards learning and motivated me to go and explore this area on my own.

Thanks to the questions that were asked then, it became clear to me how important it is to connect (self)education with the economy. I only didn’t know how to do it. I wrote my bachelor thesis on the subject, my first publication and, recently, master thesis.

Less than two months ago I wrote about it here and added that this is only the beginning. I said I’m looking for an opportunity to apply that knowledge and try to use it for improving school system.

Which brings me to the second reason of my absence… I became a MOTIVATOR 🙂 Actually, associate on MOTIVATOR project, where aim is precisely what I was working on during the past couple of years – cooperation between universities, businesses and the state. There’s a chance!

So I found myself in meetings with several brilliant associates, representatives of University of Belgrade, Center for Technology Transfer, Chambers of Commerce of Belgrade and Serbia and the Institute for Intellectual Property.

What is more important – to publish your work or protect it with patent?

How to use faculty research and convert it into lucrative start-up?

How to commercialize science? Why would we do that?

To begin with, how to attract key players to deal with these issues?

Mentors have started to educate us about all these elements, important to connect these three sectors. The atmosphere there, literally, has a scent of knowledge.

I believe that each of us must invent ideal profession for ourselves. What you choose to investigate, to do and in which way you’ll do it – even if it is a part of your studies or the company where you work – are things that create your job description. It would be great that you create it according to your interest.

I think that participation in these two projects will really help me to fulfill my mission – to make nerds look good, feel better and to provide them best possible conditions to develop themselves and a fraction of the world around them. I’ll keep you updated.

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